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Section UL
 03-1 Interpretation 03-1 - Strobe Placement (98 KB)
 03-2 Interpretation 03-2 - Voice System Wattage Testing (125.8 KB)
 10-1 Interpretation 10-1 - Definition and Requirement for Engine Fuel Tanks (132 KB)
 A-1-a Regulation A-1-a - Fire Lanes (286.7 KB)
 Aboveground Petroleum Storage Act Brochure (270.8 KB)
 Aboveground Tank Facility Statement (185.1 KB)
 Apartment/Condominium Basic Fire Safety Requirements (274.8 KB)
 Business Owner's Basic Fire Safety Requirements-2014 (289.7 KB)
 Consolidated Contingency Plan form (rev. 10/2011) (59.7 KB)
 Consolidated Contingency Plan form (rev. 10/2011) (211.7 KB)
 Contractors: Fire Alarm (28.2 KB)
 Contractors: Fire Sprinkler Testing (29.1 KB)
 E-2-a Regulation E-2-a - Wet Chemical Ext Systems (252.6 KB)
 E-2-c Regulation E-2-c - Clean Agent Systems (456 KB)
 E-2-d, Maintenance and Testing of Fire Protection Systems (74 KB)
 F-2-a, Use of Open Flames or Candles (37.8 KB)
 F-2-b, Standards for Fire Alarms Systems (79.4 KB)
 F-3-b Regulation F-3-b - Fire Watch (133.9 KB)
 Facility Information form - Business Activity (120 KB)
 File Request for Environmental Documents_Rev 121614 (106.4 KB)
 FPF-304, Owner's Statement of Rack - High Piled Storage (11/06 Revision) (20.4 KB)
 FPF-306, Fire Alarm Life Safety Pre-Test Sheet and Certification (08/05 Revision) (18.5 KB)
 FPF-307, Voice Evacuation Amplifier Circuit Wattage Worksheet (07/09 Revision) (17.5 KB)
 H-1-b Regulation H-1-b - Haz Mat Processing Tank Signage (87.2 KB)
 H-2-a Regulation H-2-a - Fire Hydrant and Private Fire Mains (326.3 KB)
 Hazard Mitigation Plan - HMP (2.68 MB)
 Hazardous Material Inventory Statement & Hazardous Material Business Plan (HMBP) Certification Statement (rev. 10/2011) (50.5 KB)
 Hazardous Materials Inventory Form (154.5 KB)
 Hazmat Business Owner/Operator Identification (152 KB)
 HIPAA Privacy Notice (link)
 Hydrant Flow Test (62.8 KB)
 Interpretation 12-1, California Fire Code Section 304.3.2, Non-metallic Combustible Rubbish and Waste Material Containers (20.1 KB)
 Interpretation 12-2, California Fire Code Section 901.6, Removal of Nonrequired Fire Protection Systems (25.7 KB)
 K-1-a Regulation K-1-a - Key Box Installation (134 KB)
 Notice (93.7 KB)
 Owner's Statement of Intended Use_Revised (21.8 KB)
 Policy 12-1 (25.1 KB)
 Putting Down Roots In Earthquake Country (5.38 MB)
 Regulation - Access Roadways for Fire Apparatus - Fire Lanes (83.3 KB)
 Regulation - Five Year Tests (62.4 KB)
 Regulation - Standard for Outdoor Carnivals and Fairs (93.7 KB)
 S-2-a Regulation S-2-a - Fire Sprinkler Systems (227 KB)
 S-2-c Regulation S-2-c - FDC and Control Valve (209.2 KB)
 Sign Specification - FDC Sign (12.1 KB)
 Sign Specification - Fire Lane, No Parking signs (13.3 KB)
 Sign Specification - Fire Sprinkler Control Valve Sign (12 KB)
 Site Specific Geology (67.7 KB)
 State Fire Marshals Office Form AES 1, Inspection, Testing, Maintenance Cover Sheet (Adobe version) (146.8 KB)
 State Fire Marshals Office Form AES 1, Inspection, Testing, Maintenance Cover Sheet (Word version) (69.5 KB)
 State Fire Marshals Office Form AES 2, Sprinkler Systems (Adobe version) (35.3 KB)
 State Fire Marshals Office Form AES 2, Sprinkler Systems (Word version) (229.5 KB)
 State Fire Marshals Office Form AES 3, Standpipe and Hose Systems (172.9 KB)
 State Fire Marshals Office Form AES 4, Private Fire Service Mains (146.6 KB)
 State Fire Marshals Office Form AES 5, Fire Pumps (223.1 KB)
 State Fire Marshals Office Form AES 6, Water Storage Tanks (147.5 KB)
 State Fire Marshals Office Form AES 7, Water Spray Fixed Systems (160.2 KB)
 State Fire Marshals Office Form AES 8, Foam-Water Sprinkler Systems (162.8 KB)
 State Fire Marshals Office Form AES 9, Continuation Sheet (115.2 KB)
 Tier 1 Qualified Facility SPCC Plan (852.5 KB)
 Underground Storage Tank - Financial Responsibility Part A (PDF) (289 KB)
 Underground Storage Tank - Financial Responsibility Part B (PDF) (72.9 KB)
 Underground Storage Tank (Form A) (343.5 KB)
 Underground Storage Tank (Form B) (169.5 KB)
 Underground Storage Tank (Form D) (242.5 KB)
 Underground Storage Tank (Form E) (322.5 KB)
 Underground Storage Tank Operator Compliance (128.6 KB)
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