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Relationship of the Specific Plan to the Existing General Plan



  1. Relationship of the Specific Plan to the Existing General Plan

The Specific Plan is based on a ten-year outlook for development and growth. The Specific Plan envisions the continuation and expansion of the existing neighborhood serving commercial and residential uses, in an enhanced environment, maintaining the "small town" atmosphere with moderate density. The development will continue to serve the residents, local employees and visitors to the City. The Specific Plan policies and regulations are supportive of the Plans goals and Vision by creating a pedestrian-oriented environment with enhanced streets, streetscapes and building facades.

The following details the existing General Plan goals, objectives, policies, and programs which are applicable to the Downtown Specific Plan.

  1. Economic Development

    Goal ED3: Downtown Business Environment

    To preserve and improve the business environment and image of Downtown El Segundo.

    Objective ED3-1

    To create an economically viable and stable Downtown area that uniquely contributes to El Segundo’s commercial options.

    Policy ED3-1.1

    Strive to present a clear and consistent image of what the Downtown area is and how it can serve El Segundo’s residential and business communities.

    Policy ED3-1.2

    Preserving the Downtown area’s economic viability should be a priority.

    Policy ED3-1.3

    Encourage revitalization efforts that improve the appearance of Downtown area businesses.

    Policy ED3-1.4

    Augment the Downtown areas’s atmosphere and accessibility by addressing vehicle circulation, parking and streetscape issues.

    Policy ED3-1.5

    Encourage a mix of retail and commercial businesses that stimulate pedestrian traffic and meet the communities changing needs for goods and services.

    The Downtown Specific Plan is clearly consistent with these Economic Development Goal, Objectives, and Policies of the General Plan. The Plan strives to preserve and improve the business environment, stabilize the economic viability of the Downtown, improve the appearance of Downtown, improve vehicular circulation, parking and streetscape and enhance the pedestrian environment while providing the opportunity for a mix of commercial services.

  2. Land Use

    Goal LU1: Maintenance of El Segundo’s "Small Town" Atmosphere

    Maintain El Segundo’s "small town" atmosphere, and provide an attractive place to live and work.

    Objective LU1-4

    Preserve and maintain the City’s Downtown and historic areas as integral to the City’s appearance and function.

    Objective LU1-5

    Recognize the City as a comprehensive whole and create policies, design standards, and monumentation that will help create a sense of place for the entire City.

    Policy LU1-5.1

    Encourage active and continuous citizen participation in all phases of the planning program and activities.

    Policy LU1-5.2

    Adopt a comprehensive sign ordinance which will regulate the quantity, quality and location of signs.

    Policy LU1-5.3

    Preserve existing street trees and encourage new ones consistent with the City Street Tree Program.

    Policy LU1-5.4

    Adopt action programs which will provide for planting of trees in all the City streets, landscaping of median strips in major and secondary highways, improvement and beautification of parking lots, railroad rights-of-way, unsightly walls or fences and vacant lots.

    Policy LU1-5.5

    Develop an active program to beautify the major entrances to the City. Landscaping and an attractive monument with the City’s name and other design features would heighten the City’s identification.

    Policy LU1-5.6

    Require all projects to adhere to the processing and review requirements found in the City Zoning Ordinance and the guidelines for the implementation of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

    Policy LU1-5.9

    Develop standards to address the potential impacts of drive-thru restaurants on residential uses.

    The Downtown Specific Plan is consistent with the above detailed General Plan Land Use Goal, Objectives and Policies in that one of the Plan’s goals is to maintain the "small town" atmosphere. The Plan also strives to preserve the Downtown’s historic areas, create a sense of place, provide for citizen input through the Downtown Task Force, and Planning Commission and City Council public hearings, provide sign regulations, encourage street trees, landscaping, and entry statements, provide CEQA review and prohibit drive-thru restaurants.

    Goal LU2: Preservation and Enhancement of El Segundo’s Cultural and Historic Resources

    Preserve and enhance the City’s cultural heritage and buildings or sites that are of cultural, historical, or architectural importance.

    Objective LU2-1

    Maintain the distinct character of the existing areas of the City.

    Policy LU2-1.1

    New development adjacent to a building of cultural, historical, or architectural significance shall be designed with a consistent scale and similar use of materials.

    Objective LU2-2

    Encourage the preservation of historical and cultural sites and monuments.

    Policy LU2-2.1

    Take an active role in documenting and preserving buildings of cultural, historical, and architectural significance. This should include residential, non-residential, and publicly-owned buildings.

    Program LU2-2.1A

    The City shall conduct a thorough survey of all buildings of cultural, historical, or architectural significance within the City.

    Program LU2-2.1B

    The City shall investigate methods for preserving historical buildings, including overlay zoning districts, historical designations and national register listings.

    The Downtown Specific Plan is also consistent with the Goals, Objectives and Policies which encourage preservation and enhancement of the Downtown’s cultural and historical resources, in that the Implementation and Design Standards sections of the Plan propose the establishment of Historic Preservation criteria for the 100 and 200 blocks of Richmond Street with incentives and disincentives to encourage the preservation and enhancement of the historical buildings in this area.

    Goal LU4: Provision of a Stable Tax Base for El Segundo Through Commercial Uses

    Provide a stable tax base for the City through development of new commercial uses, primarily within a mixed-use environment, without adversely affecting the viability of Downtown.

    Objective LU4-2

    Create an integrated, complimentary, attractive multi-use Downtown to serve as the focal point for the civic, business, educational, and social environment of the community.

    Policy LU4-2.1

    Revitalize and upgrade commercial areas, making them a part of a viable, attractive and people-oriented commercial district. Consideration should be given to aesthetic architectural improvements, zoning and shopper amenities.

    Policy LU4-2.2

    The City shall participate in Downtown revitalization efforts through a commitment of staff time and technical assistance.

    Policy LU4-2.3

    Utilize public spaces for Downtown activities and special events.

    Policy LU4-2.4

    The City shall commit to maintaining and upgrading where necessary the public areas Downtown.

    Policy LU4-2.5

    The Downtown area will provide adequate parking, through both public and private efforts, to meet demand.

    Program LU4-2.5A

    Develop an on-going program to analyze the peak hour parking needs of the Downtown area.

    Policy LU4-2.6

    The Downtown area shall maintain and encourage low-scale architectural profile and pedestrian-oriented features, consistent with existing structures.

    Policy LU4-2.7

    Investigate development of shuttle service to provide public transportation access to Downtown, as well as future commercial areas.

    Policy LU4-2.8

    Limit number of "fast food" (lunchtime) restaurants in the Downtown area, to address parking concerns at peak hours.

    Policy LU4-2.9

    Within one year after adoption of the General Plan, the City shall initiate the development of a Downtown Traffic Mitigation Plan, designed to mitigate traffic impacts associated with development at FAR 1.0.

    The Specific Plan provides the opportunity to enhance and further stabilize the existing Downtown tax base within a mixed-use environment. The Plan strives to create Downtown as the focal point of the community, enhancing the aesthetic environment and upgrading public spaces for Downtown activities. The Plan addresses provisions for adequate parking, low-scale, pedestrian-oriented architecture and evaluation and mitigation of traffic impacts.

    Goal LU7: Provision of Quality Infrastructure

    Provide the highest quality public facilities, services and public infrastructure possible to the community.

    Objective LU7-1

    Provide the highest and most efficient level of public services and public infrastructure financially possible.

    Policy LU7-1.3

    Develop, adopt, and implement a street lighting plan which provides a uniform and high quality of streetlights in all areas of the City.

    Objective LU7-2

    Promote City appearance and cultural heritage programs.

    Policy LU7-2.5

    All public facilities and utilities should be designed to enhance the appearance of the surrounding areas in which they are located.

    The Specific Plan is also consistent with the General Plan Goal, Objectives and Policies related to the provision of quality infrastructure in that improved sidewalks, streets, street lighting, and other streetscape infrastructure improvements are proposed.

  3. Circulation

    Goal C1: Provision for a Safe, Convenient and Cost Effective Circulation System

    To provide a safe, convenient and cost-effective circulation system to serve the present and future circulation needs of the El Segundo community.

    Objective C1-1

    Provide a roadway system that accommodates the City’s existing and projected land use and circulation needs.

    Policy C1-1.6

    Provide adequate intersection capacity to the extent possible on Major, Secondary and Collector Arterials to prevent diversion through traffic into local residential streets.

    Policy C1-1.8

    Provide all residential, commercial and industrial areas with efficient and safe access for emergency vehicles.

    Policy C1-1.14

    Within one year after adoption of the General Plan, the City shall initiate development of a Downtown traffic mitigation plan designed to mitigate impacts associated with development at FAR 1.0.

    Objective C1-2

    Provide a circulation system consistent with current and future engineering standards to ensure the safety of the residents, workers and visitors of El Segundo.

    Policy C1-2.1

    Develop and maintain a circulation system which shall include a functional hierarchy and classification system of arterial highways that will correlate capacity and service function to specific road design and land use requirements.

    The Specific Plan is also consistent with the Circulation Element Goal, Policies, and Objectives detailed above in that the circulation system in the Downtown area is safe, convenient and cost effective. The three-lane proposal on Main Street has been evaluated and can accommodate the circulation needs with minor intersection improvements and the circulation system will continue to provide emergency vehicle access. Alternatively, a two-lane configuration with a left-turn pocket will also maintain an acceptable level of service.

    Goal C2: Provision for Alternative Modes of Transportation

    Provide a circulation system that incorporates alternatives to the single-occupant vehicle, to create a balance among travel modes based on travel needs, costs, social values, user acceptance, and air quality considerations.

    Objective C2-1

    Provide a pedestrian circulation system to support and encourage walking as a safe and convenient travel mode within the City’s circulation system.

    Policy C2-1.6

    Encourage shopping areas to design their facilities for ease of pedestrian access.

    Policy C2-1.7

    Closely monitor design practices to ensure a clear pedestrian walking area by minimizing obstructions, especially in the vicinity of intersections.

    Objective C2-2

    Provide a bikeway system throughout the City to support and encourage the use of the bicycle as a safe and convenient travel mode within the City’s circulation system.

    Policy C2-2.1

    Implement the recommendations on the Bicycle Master Plan contained in the Circulation Element, as the availability arises; i.e., through development, private grants, signing of shared routes.

    Objective C2-3

    Ensure the provision of a safe and efficient transit system that will offer the residents, workers and visitors of El Segundo a viable alternative to the automobile.

    Policy C2-3.1

    Work closely with the Southern California Rapid Transit District (SCRTD), the Los Angeles County Transportation Commission (LACTC), the Rail Construction Corporation (RCC), Torrance Municipal Bus Lines, the El Segundo Employers Association (ESEA) and private businesses to expand and improve the public transit service within the adjacent to the City.

    Policy C2-3.2

    Ensure that transit planning is considered and integrated into all related elements of City planning.

    Policy C2-3.4

    Evaluate and implement feeder bus service through the City where appropriate. Feeder bus service could potentially take commuters from the fixed transit services (rail and bus) in the eastern portion of the City to the industrial and commercial areas to the west. In addition, midday shuttling of workers east of Sepulveda Boulevard to the Downtown retail area should also be considered.

    One of the primary goals of the Downtown Specific Plan is to provide a pedestrian-oriented environment, which is consistent with the General Plan provisions for alternative modes of transportation. The widened and enhanced sidewalks will further enhance pedestrian activity. The Plan continues to provide bicycle and transit system access, consistent with the General Plan, while encouraging more bicycle parking facilities.

    Goal C3: Development of Circulation Policies that are Consistent with other City Policies

    Develop a balanced General Plan, coordinating the Circulation Element with all other Elements, ensuring that the City’s decision-making and planning activities are consistent among all City departments.

    Objective C3-1

    Ensure that potential circulation system impacts are considered when the City’s decision-makers and staff are evaluating land use changes.

    Policy C3-1.1

    Require all new development to mitigate project-related impacts on the existing and future circulation system such that all Master Plan roadways are upgraded and maintained at acceptable levels of service through implementation of all applicable Circulation Element policies. Mitigation measures shall be provided by or paid for by the project developer.

    Policy C3-1.3

    Ensure that transit planning is considered and integrated into all related elements of City planning.

    Policy C3-1.7

    Require the provision of adequate pedestrian and bicycle access for new development projects through the site plan review process.

    Objective C3-2

    Ensure the consideration of the impacts of land use decisions on the City’s parking situation.

    Policy C3-2.1

    Ensure the provision of sufficient on-site parking in all new development.

    Policy C3-2.2

    Ensure that the City’s parking codes and zoning ordinances are kept up-to-date.

    Objective C4-3

    Establish the City’s short-term (5-year) Capital Improvement Program (CIP) consistent with the Circulation Element and the entire General Plan, and ensure that the CIP incorporates adequate funding for the City’s circulation needs.

    Policy C4-3.1

    Identify and evaluate potential revenue sources for financing circulation system development and improvement projects.

    The Specific Plan addresses the Circulation Element Goal, Objectives, and Policies related to the development of circulation policies that are consistent with other City policies. This section of the Specific Plan clearly indicates the consistency of the Plan with all of the applicable Elements (Economic Development, Land Use, Circulation, Conservation, and Noise). The Plan provides for the upgrading of streets to maintain the level of service, transit planning is addressed, pedestrian and bicycle access is enhanced, parking is managed and potential funding sources are identified.

  4. Conservation

    Goal CN5: Urban Landscape

    Develop programs to protect, enhance and increase the amount and quality of the urban landscape to maximize aesthetic and environmental benefits.

    Policy CN5-1

    Preserve the character and quality of existing neighborhood and civic landscapes.

    Policy CN5-2

    Identify the characteristics and qualities of the urban landscape that are valued by the community.

    The Downtown Specific Plan is also consistent with the urban landscape provisions of the Conservation Element. The Plan protects and enhances the quality of the urban landscape of the Downtown, particularly the characteristics and qualities identified by the community, through the Task Force, as being valued.

  5. Noise

    Goal N1: Provision of a Noise-Safe Environment

    Encourage a high quality environment within all parts of the City of El Segundo where the public’s health, safety and welfare are not adversely affected by excessive noise.

    Objective N1-2

    It is the objective of the City of El Segundo to ensure that City residents are not exposed to stationary noise levels in excess of El Segundo’s Noise Ordinance standards.

    Policy N1-2.1

    Require all new projects to meet the City’s Noise Ordinance Standards as a condition of building permit approval.

    Program N1-2.1A

    Address noise impacts in all environmental documents for discretionary approval projects to insure that noise sources meet City Noise Ordinance standards. These sources may include: mechanical or electrical equipment, truck loading areas or outdoor speaker systems.

    The Downtown Specific Plan is also consistent with the applicable Noise Element Goal, Objective, Policy, and Program in that the Plan requires that the current noise regulations of the Municipal Code be adhered to which address and mitigate any potential noise conflicts.

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