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Specific Plan Districts


IV. Specific Plan Districts

  • Main Street District (300-400 Blocks Main Street)

    The Downtown Specific Plan area is divided into five districts (Exhibit 5). The Main Street District is the Downtown core, the heart of the Downtown, and runs north and south along Main between Grand and Pine Avenues (Main Street 300-400 blocks). The City Hall and Civic Center are located on the east side of Main Street, between Grand and Holly Avenues and face onto a wide variety of commercial uses, including retail, services, offices and restaurants. This area is bounded by, the alleys to the east and west of Main Street, by Pine Avenue on the north and Grand Avenue on the south. The majority of development is built along or near the front property line, at one to two-story heights.

  • Main Street Transitional District (100-200 & 500 Blocks Main Street)

    The Main Street Transitional District is located adjacent to the north and south ends of the Main Street District described above. At the south end, the District begins at El Segundo Boulevard and ends at Grand Avenue (100-200 blocks); at the north end, it includes the one block area between Pine and Mariposa Avenues (500 block). This area is seen as an extension of and transition to the Main Street District, with less pedestrian orientated development and fewer pedestrian amenities. This area also has a wider variety of uses, including a church, lodge, single-family residential uses, surface parking lots and light industrial uses, as well as some commercial uses. This area does not have the feel and character of the core of Main Street and it serves as a visual transition into and out of the Downtown core.

  • Richmond Street District (100-200 Blocks Richmond Street)

    The Richmond Street District is the "entertainment center" of El Segundo and is comprised of an eclectic mix of antique stores, bars, restaurants and the Old Town Music Hall (Richmond Street 100-200 blocks). This street has a separate and distinct identity from Main Street. The oldest commercial buildings in the City, developed in the early 1900’s and 1920’s, are located along this street. This District is located one block west of and parallel to Main Street, from El Segundo Boulevard (south) to Grand Avenue (north). Development along the street is located at or near the front property line and is one to two stories in height.

    The Richmond Street District and the Main Street District are alike in many ways, however these two districts are also dissimilar. First, Richmond Street is the older of the two and is distinctive in that regard. The area contains a number of small brick and wooden structures, the historic old jail, and the Old Town Music Hall. Secondly, Richmond Street is narrower than Main Street and traffic flow is considerably lighter. Not having a direct connection out of the City confines this street to local use. Thirdly, this street contains small restaurants and bars rather than the extensive retail uses of Main Street, so this district’s peak periods of activity differ from those of Main Street.

  • North Richmond Street District (300 Block west side Richmond Street)

    The North Richmond Street District is a mixture of retail, residential, church, offices and service uses (Richmond Street 300 block west side). Being north of Grand Avenue and physically separated from the 100 and 200 blocks of Richmond, the development is distinctly different.

    Additionally, the majority of the development in this northern area occurred in the 50’s and 60’s. While this block differs from the 100 and 200 blocks in that it is not historic, it is seen as having potential for similar type of businesses such as antiques, furniture, books, and clothing stores. This District immediately abuts Multi-Family Residential (R-3) uses and zoning to the west, across the alley.

  • Grand Avenue District (300 Block east side Richmond Street – former Ralph’s market and adjacent lots)

    The Grand Avenue District is proposed for the east side of the 300 block of Richmond Street and is the site of a former "Ralph’s Market". It also includes the parking lot and apartment building north of the Ralph’s site. This district, about one and a half acres in size, is the only large contiguous parcel in Downtown that is suitable for the creation of a "village" atmosphere within the Downtown. The District is envisioned as a pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use center of community-serving retail, office, and community gathering and open space. This District could accommodate a small specialty market such as a health food store or one that serves neighborhood needs.

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