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Grand Avenue

VIII Design Standards

    1. Grand Avenue

      Grand Avenue is one of only two City streets that connects to the beach. Grand Avenue is the principal east/west street in Downtown El Segundo and crosses both Main and Richmond Streets. The portion of Grand Avenue addressed in these standards is between Main and Concord Streets. Grand Avenue east of Main Street is not proposed to be modified. Beyond Concord Street, Grand Avenue crests the hill of an ancient sand dune and disappears from view toward the ocean. Grand Avenue to the west of Concord has recently been planted with Cajeput trees to provide a visual welcome to El Segundo. Similarly, these standards recommend special treatment for "gateway" areas to mark the entrance into the Downtown.

      Grand Avenue is one of the widest streets in the City, with a right of way of 100 feet in width with 10-foot sidewalks on both sides and a center median. Parallel parking is provided on both curb lanes and on both sides of the center median. (Photo 33)

      Photo 33 – Grand Avenue

      Photo 34 – Commercial uses

      Like the standards for the Richmond Street District, only specific standards addressing this district will be called out, and will be marked with a (S). For the rest of the standards that refer to this area, please refer to the standards in the Main Street District, listed previously. Those common standards will be marked with a (C). The standards specific to Grand Avenue include:

      1. Site Development and Planning -
        1. Land Use:
          1. Retail and commercial uses are recommended for this area. (S) (Photo 34)
      2. Street Configuration and Streetscape -
        1. Street:
          1. Grand Avenue should be reconfigured so that the central median (and parking) is removed. (S) (Diagram 15)

            DIAGRAM 15

          2. The new configuration should include four driving lanes, two in each direction. (S)
        2. Parking:
          1. Parallel parking in both directions should be removed, including median parking and replaced with angled parking. (S) (Diagram 15)
        3. Sidewalks:
          1. Sidewalks on both sides of the street should be maintained at 10 feet or widened to up to 15 feet. (S)
        4. Pedestrian Amenities:
          1. Bus Stops -
              1. At least one bus stop should be located in the immediate vicinity of the Grand Avenue, not more that three blocks walking distance. (S)
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