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Richmond Street and North Richmond Street Districts (100-200 Blocks Richmond Street; 300 Block west side Richmond Street)


VIII Design Standards

    1. Richmond Street and North Richmond Street Districts (100-200 Blocks Richmond Street; 300 Block west side Richmond Street)

      The Richmond Street and North Richmond Street Districts are located one block west of and parallel to Main Street, from El Segundo Boulevard (south) to Holly Avenue (north) (Richmond 100, 200, 300 blocks). Richmond Street has a 60-foot right-of-way, with 10-foot sidewalks and 40 feet of street curb to curb, with no median. Development along the street is located at or near the front property line and is one-to-two stories in height. (Photos 25 & 26)

      Photo 25 – Richmond Street District

      Photo 26 – North Richmond Street District

      The west side of the 300 block of Richmond, between Grand and Holly is included in the North Richmond Street District. While this block differs from the 100 and 200 blocks in that it is not historic, it is seen as having potential for commercial mixed-use development. Future development is envisioned as maintaining the existing eclectic-artsy type businesses such as antiques, furniture, book, and clothing stores, with limited residential above the commercial uses.

      Other than the three characteristics described above, the Richmond Street and Main Street Districts are both part of Downtown and will be treated the same in terms of standards for the commercial options. However, Richmond Street itself is not recommended for changes in street configuration.

      Listed below are specific standards for the Richmond Street and North Richmond Street Districts. Please note that only specific standards addressing these Districts will be called out, and will be marked with a (S). For the rest of the standards that are applicable to this area, please refer to the standards in the Main Street District, marked with (C), as listed previously.

      1. Site Development and Planning -
        1. Land Use:
          1. Continuation as a location for restaurants, small entertainment venues, and antique stores is recommended for this area. (S) (Photos 27 & 28)

        Photo 27 – Mixed-use

        Photo 28 – Antique Stores

      2. Street Configuration and Streetscape -
        1. Street:
          1. Richmond Street remains in the same configuration. (S) (Photo 29)

          Photo 29 – Richmond Street

        2. Sidewalks:
          1. Sidewalks on both sides of the street will remain the same. (S)
        3. Parking:
          1. Parallel parking in both directions will remain. (S)
        4. Pedestrian Amenities:
          1. Bus Stops -
            1. At least one bus stop should be located in the immediate vicinity of the Richmond Street District. (S)
        5. Landscaping:
          1. Street Trees -
            1. The street tree along Richmond Street shall be the same as along Main Street to help create a unified Downtown area. (S)
      3. Architecture - The Walls of the Public Room -
        1. Architecture: The Richmond Street District (100 and 200 blocks) contains numerous historic buildings constructed in the early 1900’s. As this area of Richmond Street was the original Downtown for the City, much of the local history is embedded within this district. The character and history of the City are reflected in this cultural, historical and architectural heritage. It is particularly important to preserve, maintain and enhance these invaluable assets that the City possesses as part of it’s cherished heritage, so that future generations may have the opportunity to appreciate, enjoy and understand the heritage of the City. As such, any construction in the Richmond Street District should not adversely affect the existing architectural features of the building or the special character, historical, architectural, or aesthetic interest of the building or the surrounding buildings. Construction on both new and existing buildings should be harmonious with the best examples of historic structures in the surrounding area. The prevailing use of brick construction should be continued and respected with both new construction and renovations. All of the architectural standards described in the Main Street District also apply to both of the districts on Richmond Street. The following photos are positive examples of the variety of architectural styles found within the Richmond Street and North Richmond Street Districts. New construction and renovations should be compatible and contextual with these types of architectural features, including scale, rhythm, design and materials.


          One of the dominant impressions of Richmond Street is the prevalent use of brick. It’s likely that few of the original buildings on the street used any other material as their primary cladding. Today it’s clear which buildings survived from the original "Main Street" construction era.

          Both old and new facades share design elements more closely on Richmond Street than on Main Street. A more clearly defined design ethic permeates this street.

          North Richmond Street

          The construction in the North Richmond Street District is much more diverse than the Richmond Street District with a wide variety of eclectic architectural styles, spanning most of the 20th Century.

          1. Facades -
            1. Window displays shall be encouraged for retail uses (i.e., furniture shop), but shall provide transparency between the street and the store. Window displays shall not block or completely obscure the building interior from the passerby. (S) (Photo 30)

              Photo 30 – Transparent Window Displays

            2. For all front windows of retail uses, at least 75% of the glass area shall be unobstructed by signage, including advertisements, screens, and window coverings. (S)
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