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The Grand Avenue District (300 Block east side Richmond Street-former Ralph’s market and adjacent lots)



VIII Design Standards

    1. The Grand Avenue District (300 Block east side Richmond Street-former Ralph’s market and adjacent lots) The Grand Avenue District is proposed for the 300 block of Richmond and is the site formerly known as "Ralph’s Market." It also includes the parking lot and apartment building north of the former Ralph’s property. (Photo 31)

      Photo 31 – Former "Ralph’s Market"

      Development in this district should have a pleasing façade on all four sides so that it would be in context with the rest of the Downtown. The east side is an important point of access and visibility from the alley and from Main Street. The east side also faces the proposed plaza at the rear of the Pursell Building and would incorporate a similar open space opposite the Pursell plaza. The south and west sides are street facing and should have street-fronting retail uses. A number of openings in the street wall along these streets should open up to the internal courtyard. The north side abuts residential uses and should be compatible. Listed below are specific standards for the District. Please note that only specific standards addressing this district will be called out, and will be marked with a (S). For the rest of the standards that are applicable to this area, please refer to the standards in the Main Street District, marked with (C), as listed previously. These standards largely apply to the redevelopment of the site. Any reuse of the existing buildings and minor additions shall comply with these standards to the extent that they are applicable and are feasible. Standards include:
        1. General-
          1. All standards pertaining to the Main Street District shall apply. (S)
          2. All standards pertaining to the Grand Avenue frontage apply. (S)
        2. Grand Avenue and Richmond Street Facades-
          1. Retail, community-serving and office uses shall be at the street front (ground) level along Grand Avenue and Richmond Street. (S)
          2. The front façade shall be modulated to avoid a monolithic street façade. (S)
          3. The corner of Richmond and Grand Avenue shall be an open courtyard leading into and out of the interior of the site, when the site is redeveloped. The courtyard should be a minimum of 20 feet in width, measured diagonally across the corner, to the interior of the property lines. (S) (Diagram 13)

            DIAGRAM 13

          4. Open and public access points to the interior of the site shall be located within 30 feet of the corner of Grand Avenue and the alley between Main and Richmond Streets. (S)
          5. At least one open and public access point (in addition to the corner of Grand and Richmond) shall be located along the Richmond Street frontage. (S)
          6. The ends of the structures at Grand Avenue and the alley, and the northern end of Richmond Street shall have a vertical tower or appendage rising above the average parapet wall height along those streets. (S)
        3. Alley Frontage-
          The alley frontage is important because it faces the rear of the Main Street buildings, is adjacent to the proposed plaza behind the Pursell Building, and is visible from alleys connecting to Main Street. Standards include:
          1. All service shall occur from the alley. (S)
          2. The alley facades shall be extensively landscaped, with mature landscaping including trees and shrubs with a minimum depth of five feet. (S)
          3. Buildings and facades visible from the Pursell Alley shall follow standards for the Grand Avenue and Richmond Street facades. (S)
        4. North Frontage-
          1. The north frontage shall be compatible with the residentially zoned property next door, as defined below. (S)
          2. No service, outdoor storage, or access shall be located along the north side of the District. (S)
          3. A landscaped buffer zone of approximately 10 feet with mature trees and shrubs is required between the District and the adjoining property. (S)
        5. Interior -
          1. The interior shall be composed of linked courtyards and open spaces between structures. (S)
          2. A minimum of 15% of the ground floor shall be landscaped (and hardscaped) open space, excluding parking. (S)
          3. Interior open space shall be mainly open to the sky. (S)
          4. Interior open space shall be accessible to all tenants within the District. (S)
        6. Parking -
          1. Surface parking within the District shall be discouraged. (S)
          2. Adjacent and shared parking are encouraged. (S)
          3. Subterranean and/or semi-subterranean parking is highly recommended. (S)
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