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VIII Design Standards

    1. Plazas Two locations for plazas have been identified. One is the existing plaza fronting Main Street at the Civic Center and the other is proposed to be located to the rear of the Pursell Building, across the alley from the Village site. Plazas are intensively used gathering places and serve as the hub for neighborhood activity. They are designed to accommodate resting, eating, strolling, and people watching. Plazas are typically ringed by restaurants, galleries and other retail uses. Food service and goods from portable retail wagons are often available within the plaza.
      1. Civic Center Plaza - (Photo 32)

        Photo 32 – Civic Center Plaza

        The Civic Center Plaza is located at the Civic Center on the east side of the 300 block of Main Street. The City plans to redesign the Plaza in the near future. In order to have the Plaza integrate with the pedestrian-oriented character of Main Street the following standards apply:
        1. The plaza shall be open and oriented to Main Street (S).
        2. The plaza shall encourage pedestrian-oriented uses. (S)
        3. The plaza shall provide seating adjacent to the sidewalk, facing the street to maximize social interaction. (S)
        4. The paving of the plaza shall extend across the sidewalk, across the street, providing connection to the sidewalk on the other side. (S)
        5. The pedestrian crossing of Main Street shall link Handprint Alley with the plaza. (S)
        6. The pedestrian crossing shall be designed with the same or complementary paving materials as the plaza. (S)
        7. The plaza shall be designed so that a prominent element is the visual terminus of Handprint Alley. (S)
        8. The plaza shall provide lighting for nighttime activities, security, and aesthetic interest. (S)
        9. The plaza shall provide a sound system to accommodate outdoor concerts and other uses. (S)
        10. Landscaping and benches shall be provided to enhance and encourage pedestrian use of the plaza. (S)
        11. A stage area shall be provided for community events and activities. (S)
      2. Pursell Plaza - (Diagram 14)

        DIAGRAM 14

        The Pursell Plaza is proposed to be located to the rear of the Pursell Building that is located at the northwest corner of Main Street and Grand Avenue. The proposed plaza is shielded from view from Grand Avenue and Main Street by the Purcell Building but is open to the alley and the proposed Village west of the alley. The impetus for this plaza is the redevelopment of the Pursell Building into a mixed-use center with a major anchor tenant. This tenant will be able to take advantage of the proposed plaza in the rear of the building and with the proposed Grand Avenue District across the alley to the west. Retail uses will continue along the Main Street and Grand Avenue street frontages. Standards for the plaza include:
        1. The plaza shall be demarcated from the alley by landscaping and low walls that provide protection from vehicles. (S)
        2. Outdoor storage shall be screened from the plaza. (S)
        3. The plaza shall be accessible from the Pursell Building and the alley. (S)
        4. The plaza may be used for commercial uses but limited to outdoor dining or displays accessible to the public. (S)
        5. Seating shall be provided. (S)
        6. The plaza shall consist of both landscape and hardscape materials. (S)
        7. The plaza shall be lighted for night use. (S)
        8. Some cover from the sun and the elements shall be provided but no more that 10 percent of the plaza shall have a permanent roof or cover. (S)
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