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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions below or Ask us a question by email.

Q: What hours are you open?

The counter hours are 7:00 a.m. to 6:00p.m. Monday through Thursday, closed every Friday. (See Calendar on Planning page).

Q: What zone is my business in?

Please contact the Planning Division staff at (310) 524-2344 with the address or general location of the property.

Q: Who are the Planning Commissioners?

The Planning Commissioners are Ryan Baldino (Chair), Brenda Newman (Vice-Chair), and Commissioners , Scot Nicol, John Nisley and Carol Wingate.

Q: When does the Planning Commission meet?

The Planning Commission meets at 5:30 p.m. on the second and fourth Thursday of each month unless otherwise posted.

Q: Can I expand my business/house?

Contact the Planning Division staff to inquire on the specific zone of your business/house. Zoning information may be obtained from our web page under Zoning Code, visiting City Hall, Planning and Building Safety Department, or at the El Segundo Public Library in El Segundo's City Code book.

Q: In what zone is a particular use permitted?

The City has several different commercial and industrial zones which are outlined on our zoning map. Consult the zoning code for permitted uses in each zone and contact the Planning Division with specific questions.

Q: What are the setbacks/height/parking, etc. requirements?

The City contains several different residential as well as commercial zones and since each zone has different development standards, the Planning division staff should be contacted to discuss these issues related to the specific property and its zone.

Q: Can I build a second dwelling unit in the R-1 (Single Family Residential) zone?

Yes, in limited areas. Section 15-4A-2(j) of the El Segundo Municipal Code allows second dwelling units to be built on property that has a common boundary with property zoned R-3 [Multi-Family Residential], P [Automobile Parking], C-RS [Downtown Commercial], C-2 [Neighborhood Commercial], C-3 [General Commercial], CO [Corporate Office], or MU [Mixed Use]. In addition, the property used for the second dwelling unit cannot be more than fifty feet (50') wide and cannot consist of more than one lot.

Q: What are the development requirements for second dwelling units?

Second dwelling units must meet the same requirements as single family homes such as setbacks, height, lot coverage, and landscaping. If a second dwelling unit is built, it must include a fully enclosed two car garage. This is in addition to parking required for the main residence.

Q: How big of a garage do I need?

Garage size requirements are based on the zoning of the property. Single-family and two-family residences require a fully enclosed garage to house two vehicles, and a multiple-family dwelling requires a covered structure enclosed on at least three sides. The number of spaces required for a multiple-family dwelling is calculated based on the number of units, which can be provided by planning division staff.

Q: Do I need a permit for a sign?

Sign permits are required for both residential and non-residential zones. A sign plan with detailed information regarding sign quantity, size, and placement should be submitted with the application. For Sign requirements, please refer to El Segundo Municipal Code , Zoning 15-18-1

Q: Can I add a second story to my garage?

Yes, if your garage is attached to the residence itself. If the garage is detached and in the Single-Family Residential (R-1) Zone, see Code Sections 15-4A-6D3 and 15-4A-6J for lots greater than 50 feet in width. A second story on a detached garage is not allowed on a lot less than 25 feet in width.

Q: Do I need a permit to have a band or DJ at my house for a party?

An Amplified Sound Permit is required for events where speakers/microphones will be used. The fee amount is $135.00 and can typically be approved at the time of submittal.

Q: How many animals are allowed in a house/condo/apartment?

Each residential dwelling is allowed a maximum of 3 dogs or cats in total. Maximum number for other less common household pets are listed in the Municipal Code.

Q: How tall can a fence be?

In general, a wall, fence or hedge 42 inches in height may be located on any part of the lot. A wall, fence or hedge 6 feet in height may also be permitted depending on location of the lot and placement of the wall. Partition heights in non-residential zones are subject to the approval of the Director of Planning and Building Safety Department.

Q: What is the Community Development Block Grant Program?

Each year, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds are allocated to cities by the Federal Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD) and administered regionally through the Los Angeles County Community Development Commission (CDC). Participating cities receive funding based upon the total number of cities participating in the County's program, and the City's commitment to provide housing, economic and community development opportunities which principally benefit persons of low and moderate income levels.

Q: Who is eligible to participate in El Segundo's CDBG Program?

Generally, the City implements programs directed towards senior adults, youth and the severely handicapped. Other programs are also in place to serve the needs of persons determined to be of low to moderate income.

Q: What Housing Programs are available to residents of El Segundo?

Programs listed in the Housing Element include Minor Home Repair (MHR), Residential Sound Insulation (RSI), Countywide Affordable Homeownership Program (HOP), Lease-to-Own, Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC), and Location Efficient Mortgage (LEM).

Q. What is the population of El Segundo?

According to the 2010 U.S. Census the population of El Segundo is 16,654.  

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