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Frequently Asked Questions About Water Usage

Q. Where does El Segundo's water come from?

A. El Segundo purchases its water from
West Basin Municipal Water District. West Basin Municipal Water District is a Member Agency of The Metropolitan Water District Of Southern California (MWD). MWD transfers water from the Colorado River and The State Water Project to Treatment plants in Southern California where the water is treated to meet or exceed State Health Department standards. After treatment the water is distributed to member agencies and their customers for local distribution and storage.

Q. Why is my water rusty/brown when I first turn it on?

A. This can be caused by old galvanized piping on the consumer's premises or by city crews performing valve maintenance. Running the faucet for a short time should clean it up. If not please call (310) 524-2742.

Q. Why does my water smell bad when I first turn it on?

A. This is not the water itself. This problem occurs when the running water forces odors out of the trap under the sink. The odor is caused by bacteria growing in the drain trap. Some bleach and hot water down the drain should eliminate this.

Q. Why has my water pressure changed (up or down)?

A. Water pressure varies depending on elevation and since El Segundo has a varying topography, pressure will change considerably from the top of the hill to the bottom of the hill in any given block. City crews periodically open valves in the system to control the flow of water into our storage reservoirs. This can result in fluctuations in pressure. Also whenever the elevated tank is isolated for maintenance purposes pressure will be increased.

Q. Is the water fluoridated?

A. Yes, it is fluoridated by MWD before it is delivered to us.

Q. Why is my water turned off?

A. It could be due to emergency water system repairs. We try to notify everyone in advance, but sometimes this is not possible.

Q. What if there is a fire hydrant/valve leaking?

A. Please notify us at (310) 524-2742, so we can correct the problem.

Q. My water bill seems high can you come out and check my meter reading?

A. Yes, we would be happy to. Please contact us at 310-524-2742 Monday thru Thursday 6:30-4:00 and Every other Friday 6:30-3:00

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