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      111 W. Mariposa Ave.
       El Segundo, CA 90245

          Mon.-Thurs. 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
        Fri. & Sat. 10:00 am - 5:00 pm 
      Sun. Closed
   Phone: (310) 524-2722


Below are selected new titles at the library. Come in and check out these and other books recently added to the library collection.

In the Heart of the Dark Wood, by Billy Coffey.
Almost two years have passed since twelve-year-old Allie Granderson's beloved mother, Mary, disappeared into the wild tornado winds. Her body has never been found. Allie clings to memories of her mother, just as she clings to the broken compass she left behind, the makeshift Nativity scene in the front yard, and her best friend Zach. But even with Zach at her side, the compass on her wrist, and the Nativity right outside the window, Allie cannot help but feel lost in all the growing up that must get done. When the Holy Mother disappears from the front yard, Allie's bewilderment is compounded by the sudden movement of her mother's compass. Following the needle, Allie and Zach leave the city behind and push into the inky forest on the outskirts of Mattingly. For Allie, the journey is more than a ghost hunt: she is rejoining the mother she lost--and finding herself with each step deeper into the heart of the dark wood.--From the dust jacket.
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Eagle Talons: The Iron Horse Chronicles, by Robert Lee Murphy.
Newly orphaned Will Braddock doesn't want some old judge dictating his future, so the fourteen-year-old embarks upon a quest to determine his own destiny. He heads west to find his uncle, a surveyor on the first transcontinental railroad, and persuade his only living relative not to sign the judge's papers sentencing him to a blacksmith apprenticeship. Will wants to be free to ride across the wind-swept prairies and through the forested mountains. He wants to be a part of the excitement of building the Union Pacific Railroad. But with such freedom comes grave risks, and Will finds he must rely on his own wits and courage to make his way in the dangerous west.--From the dust jacket.
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The Penguin Book of Witches, edited by Katherine Howe.
From a manual for witch hunters written by King James himself in 1597, to court documents from the Salem witch trials of 1692, to newspaper coverage of a woman stoned to death on the streets of Philadelphia while the Continental Congress met, The Penguin Book of Witches is a treasury of historical accounts of accused witches that sheds light on the reality behind the legends. Bringing to life stories like that of Eunice Cole, tried for attacking a teenage girl with a rock and buried with a stake in her heart; Jane Jacobs, a Bostonian so often accued of witchcraft that she took her tormentors to court on charges of slander; and Increase Mather, an exorcism-performing minister famed for his knowledge of witches, this volume provides a unique tour through the darkest history of English and North American witchcraft.--From the dust jacket.
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Truth Be Told, by Hank Phillippi Ryan.
...Ryan begins his novel...with an all-too-frequent tragedy: a middle-class family evicted from their suburban home. In digging up the facts on this heartbreaking story--and on other foreclosures--Boston reporter Jane Ryland soon learns the truth behind a big-bucks scheme and the surprising players who will stop at nothing, including murder, to keep their real goal a secret. Turns out there's more than one way to rob a bank. Boston police detective Jake Brogan has a liar on his hands. A man has just confessed to the infamous Lilac Sunday killing, and while Jake's colleagues take the man at his word, Jake is not convinced. Then again, why would anyone confess to a twenty-year-old crime he didn't commit? Financial manipulation, the terror of foreclosures, the power of numbers, the primal need for home and family and love. What happens when what you believe is true turns out to be a lie?--From the dust jacket.
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