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      111 W. Mariposa Ave.
       El Segundo, CA 90245

          Mon.-Thurs. 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
        Fri. & Sat. 10:00 am - 5:00 pm 
      Sun. Closed
   Phone: (310) 524-2722

Summer Drop-In Lobby Events

Join us this summer for a new schedule of hands-on and informative programming in the library's Drop-In Lobby Events series. This four-program series features representatives from Wild Birds Unlimited, Westside Pacific Village, and library staff leading hands-on activities and lecture presentations.

All workshops take place in the library's lobby, are free, and include supplies. Likewise feel free to bring your own supplies for inspiration. For program scheduling, please click here, or see the calendar to the right of this notice.

For additional information, please call (310) 524-2728.
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Free Computer Classes, Summer Session

Summer brings a new series of free computer classes to anyone needing to brush up on their computer skills. Library staff will provide a hands-on overview of computer and internet basics with topics to include:

  • Microsoft Word 2013 Basics
  • Introduction to the Computer
  • Internet Basics
  • And Microsoft Excel 2013 basics

Please click here for a complete listing of sessions, dates, and times, or see the calendar section to the right of this notice.

Note that seating is limited and registration is required. Some classes take place when the library is closed to the public. Late arrivals will not be admitted 5 minutes after the class begins.

To register for a class, or for questions, please call (310) 524-2728.

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Be a Winner with the Summer Reading Program!

Line up at the racing blocks for this year’s Summer Reading Program, “Read for the Win.” In-person registration for the Summer Reading Program begins at 9:00am on Thursday, June 9th. This free eight-week program is designed to motivate children to read for pleasure during the summer. Storytime session sign-ups will also begin at 9:00am on June 9th.

For our 2016 Summer Reading Program Kick-off Party, the library is pleased to present the puppetry of Richard Woloski in "Let the Games Begin" on Tuesday, June 14th, at 11:00am in Library Park. Children under 8 years of age must be accompanied by an adult for this event.

Please call (310) 524-2726 for additional information about Summer Reading or Storytime sign-ups.
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Below are selected new titles at the library. Come in and check out these and other books recently added to the library collection.

The Last Time She Saw Him, by Jane Haseldine

Julia Gooden remembers nothing about the worst night of her life. Thirty years ago, her nine-year-old brother Ben--the person who promised he would always protect her--was abducted from the room they shared. Try as she might to recall any clue or detail, there is a black hole where Julia's memories of that terrible event should be. Now a crime reporter at a Detroit newspaper, Julia tries to give others the closure she's never found. But guilt and grief over Ben's disappearance have left her fearful that whoever took her brother is going to come back. Nowhere seems safe--not the city, not the suburbs, not even the secluded lake town where she plans to raise her children. And then, on the anniversary of Ben's disappearance, Julia's worst fears are realized when her two-year-old son, Will, is snatched from his bed. Convinced that the crimes are related, Julia tries to piece together memories from her final day with Ben. Are the sudden reminders of her brother clues that will lead her to her son's abductor, or merely coincidence? Julia knows she has hours at best to find Will alive, but the deeper she digs, the more personal and terrifying the battle becomes, and the undying promise may be her only hope of saving herself and her son.--From the dust jacket.
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Absalom's Daughters, by Suzanne Feldman

Self-educated and brown skinned, Cassie works full-time in her grandmother's laundry in rural Mississippi. Illiterate and white, Judith falls for "colored music" and dreams of life as a big-city radio star. These teenaged girls are half sisters. And when they catch wind of their wayward father's inheritance coming down in Virginia, they hitch their hopes to a road trip together to claim what's rightly theirs. In an old junk car, with a frying pan, a ham, and a few dollars hidden in a shoe, they set off through the American Deep South of the 1950s, a bewitchingly beautiful landscape as well as one bedeviled by racial strife and violence.--From the dust jacket.
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How to Set a Fire and Why, by Jesse Ball

Lucia's father is dead, her mother is in a mental hospital, and she's living in a garage-turned-bedroom with her aunt. And now she's been kicked out of school--again. Making her way through the world with only a book, a zippo lighter, a pocketful of stolen licorice, a biting wit, and the striking intelligence that she tries to hide, Lucia spends her days riding the bus to visit her mother and following the only rule that makes any sense to her: Don't do things you aren't proud of. But when she discovers that her new school has a secret Arson Club, she's willing to do anything to be a part of it, and her life is suddenly lit up. As Lucia's fascination with the Arson Club grows, her story becomes one of misguided friendship and, ultimately, destruction.--From the dust jacket.
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The Life of the World to Come, by Dan Cluchey

Leo Brice is dead but not in the traditional sense. When the neurotic law student meets his cosmic match in Fiona Haeberle--an impulsive spirit and burgeoning soap star--all seems well. The two fall fast in love and spend three years navigating their twenties in wide-eyed wonder. But once the fantastical woman who has defined his future bolts to pursue a fantasy life of her own, Leo is forced to come to terms with a reality that more closely resembles an epilogue than the story he hoped it might be. Now a junior death-row advocate, Leo immerses himself in the esoteric world of his condemned client, a born-again Georgia inmate named Michael Tiegs. As both men become consumed by the question of an afterlife, and as Leo becomes increasingly confused by his own future and past, Tieg's fate hangs in the balance. But can either man really save the other? And what kind of salvation are we all searching for anyway?--From the dust jacket.
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The God Wave, by Patrick Hemstreet

For decades, scientists have speculated about the untapped potential of the human brain. Now neuroscientist Chuck Brenton has made an astonishing breakthrough. He has discovered the key--the crucial combination of practice and conditioning--to access the incredible power dormant in ninety percent of our brains. Applying his methods to test subjects, he has stimulated abilities that elevate brain function to seemingly "godlike" levels. These extraordinary abilities can transform the world, replacing fear and suffering with tranquility and stability. But in an age of increasing militarization, corporate exploitation, and explosive technological discovery, a group of influential power brokers is determined to control these new superbeings for its own manipulative ends--and its motives may be far from peaceful.--From the dust jacket.
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Thu., August 4, 2016
12:00  PM  -  1:00  PM
  Drop-In Lobby Events: Summer Vacation Memory Jars
4:00  PM
  Friends of the Library Business Meeting
7:00  PM  -  8:00  PM
  El Segundo Historical Committee Meeting Cancelled
Fri., August 12, 2016
8:30  AM  -  10:00  AM
  Free Library Computer Class: Internet Basics
Wed., August 17, 2016
12:00  PM  -  1:00  PM
  Drop-In Lobby Events: People Helping People
Sat., August 20, 2016
8:30  AM  -  10:00  AM
  Free Library Computer Class: Microsoft Excel 2013 Basics
Thu., September 1, 2016
7:00  PM  -  8:00  PM
  El Segundo Historical Committee Meeting
Mon., September 5, 2016
All Day Event
  The Library Will Be Closed
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