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      111 W. Mariposa Ave.
       El Segundo, CA 90245

          Mon.-Thurs. 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
        Fri. & Sat. 10:00 am - 5:00 pm 
      Sun. Closed
   Phone: (310) 524-2722

Evening Book Discussion Group

Get set to read and discuss the latest selection of titles for the Evening Book Discussion Group. The meetings will take place at 6:30 p.m. in the Friends of the Library Room on the last Wednesday each month, excluding December. Discussions will be led by library staff and, on occasion, the authors themselves.

Library staff lead a discussion of Garth Stein's novel A Sudden Light on January 28th.

Take part in the discussion of The Miniaturist, by Jessie Burton, on February 25th.

Cristina Henriquez's novel The Book of Unknown Americans takes center stage on March 25th.

For more details, please see the library calendar to the right of this notice or call (310) 524-2728.

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Saturday Concerts in the Library

The new season of the popular Concerts in the Library series begins Saturday, January 17 and continues through May. Free to all, the series features classical and jazz programs, as well as music from different ethnic traditions. Programs take place at 2:00 p.m. in the Friends of the Library Room the third Saturday of each month, and will include light refreshments provided by the Friends of the Library. See the library calendar at the right for specific programs or call (310) 524-2728 for additional information.
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Below are selected new titles at the library. Come in and check out these and other books recently added to the library collection.

White Plague, by James Abel.
In the remote, frozen waters of the Arctic Ocean, the high-powered and technically advanced submarine USS Montana is in peril. Adrift and in flames, the boat--and the entire crew--could be lost. The only team close enough to get to them in time is led by Marine doctor and bioterror expert Joe Rush. With only thirty-six hours before the surviving crew perishes, Joe and his team must race to rescue the Montana and ensure that the boat doesn't fall into enemy hands--because a fast-approaching foreign submarine is already enroute, a member of his team is an enemy spy, and tensions may explode. But that's the least of their troubles, for the surviving sailors are not alone on the submarine. Something is trapped with them. Something lethal. Something that plagued mankind long ago, when it devastated the entire world. And the crew of the Montana has unknowingly set it free. Now Joe and his team must not only find a way to save the Montana and her crew, but stop a lethal horror of apocalyptic consequence from being unleashed on all humanity.
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The Fire Dance, by Helene Tursten.
Detective Inspector Irene Huss hasn't seen Sophie Malmborg for over fifteen years, but she's still haunted by the strange young ballerina's role in the fire that killed her stepfather. Why had she refused to speak to Irene and the other case workers? Could an eleven-year-old--even one as disturbed and aloof as Sophie--truly be capable of setting her own house on fire? Irene's questions resurface fifteen years later, when Sophie disappears and the charred remains of a dancerare found in an abandoned warehouse. Irene has a startling realization that could shed light on the case that has been lingering in the back of her mind since the beginning of her career.--From the dust jacket.
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The Boy Who Killed Demons, by Dave Zeltserman.
In quiet Newton, Massachusetts, nothing really ever happens. Nothing, that is, until two months after Henry Dudlow's 13th birthday, when his neighbor, Mr. Hanley, suddenly starts to look...different. While everyone else sees a balding man with a beer belly, Henry suddenly sees a nasty, bilious, rage-filled demon. Once Henry catches onto the real Mr. Hanley, he starts to see demons all around him, and his boring, adolescent life is transformed. There's no more time for friends or sports or the lovely Sally Freeman--instead Henry must work his way through ancient texts and hunt down the demons before they steal any more innocent children.And if hunting demons is hard at any age, it's borderline impossible when your parents are on your case, and your grades are getting worse, and you can't tell anyone about your chosen mission.--From the dust jacket.
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Galapagos Regained, by James Morrow.
Galapagos Regained tells the story of Chloe Bathurst, a down-and-out ingénue who, in 1848, finds work on Charles Darwin's estate, caring for the reptiles and birds he brought back from his voyage around the world. When Chloe gets word of the Great God Contest, sponsored by the Percy Bysshe Shelley Society--ten thousand pounds to the first entrant who can prove or disprove the existence of a Supreme Being--she resolves to exploit Mr. Darwin's species theory to win the prize and free her destitute father from Holborn Workhouse. (If God had no hand in Creation, maybe He was never around in the first place.) Before long our heroine's ambitions have sent her on a wild South American quest, bound for the Galapagos archipelago, where she intends to collect giant tortoises, aquatic iguanas, and other vivid illustrations of the evolutionary argument. Beset by natural disasters, distracted by bewildered lovers, and tormented by rival adventurers, the dauntless Chloe will stop at nothing to bring her live specimens before the contest judges and enact the role she was born to play.--From the dust jacket.
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Wed., January 28, 2015
6:30  PM
  Evening Book Discussion Featuring A Sudden Light
Thu., February 5, 2015
7:00  PM  -  8:00  PM
  El Segundo Historical Committee
Sat., February 21, 2015
2:00  PM
  Concerts in the Library--Ronnie Jayne & Friends: The Great American Songbook
Wed., February 25, 2015
6:30  PM
  Evening Book Discussion Featuring The Miniaturist
Thu., March 5, 2015
7:00  PM  -  8:00  PM
  El Segundo Historical Committee
Tue., March 10, 2015
7:00  PM
  Library Board of Trustees Meeting
Sat., March 21, 2015
2:00  PM
  Concerts in the Library--Sedalia Ragtime Orchestra Ensemble
Wed., March 25, 2015
6:30  PM
  Evening Book Discussion Featuring The Book of Unknown Americans
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