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Salary Range:
$3,998.00 - $4,860.00 per month with an additional 9% P.E.R.S. contribution paid by the city. Initial salary placement based upon prior education, training and experience.  During academy training, salary is $3,198.00

P.E.R.S. 3% at age 50 years based on single highest earning year. Employee contribution paid by the City.

Flex Plan:
Allows for payment of employee paid insurance, medical treatment and dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars.

$807.00 per month for employee & dependents' medical insurance programs.  Employee Assistance Program available for employees and eligible dependents.  Paid retiree medical at same coverage level as at time of retirement.

Optical, Dental & Term Life Insurance:
Maximum of $85.00 per month for employee and eligible dependents toward optical, dental and a $10,000.00 term life insurance policy.  Employee may purchase additional life insurance coverage at group rates for spouse and dependents.

Paid 96 holiday hours each December.  City pays 100% of employee share of P.E.R.S. on holiday pay.

Paid Vacation:
96 hours a year with 1-5 years of service, 120 hours a year with 6-10 years of service, 144 hours a year with 11-15 years of service and 176 hours a year with 16 years of service; 17-25 years, plus eight hours for each additional year through 25 years of service. Annual vacation accural sell-back (up to 50%).

Paid Sick:
8 hours a month (12 days a year) plus partial payment for accrual over 1,056 hours and a percentage of unused leave paid upon service retirement or separation.

Pay Differentials:
7% percent above base for motor officers, 9% percent above base for special assignments.

Uniform Allowance:
$450.00 maximum paid annually.  Uniform, safety equipment and weapon are provided by the city.

Academy Graduates:
Eligible academy graduates may request to be reimbursed for up to $2,000.00 for their prior academy training.  Requires ranking in the top 25% of academy class, appropriate documentation and City approval.

Tuition Reimbursement:
100% tuition/books of U.C. costs with prior written approval & grade "C" or better.  80% outside the U.C./Cal State system. 

Educational Incentive: 
5% - A.A. Degree plus 2 years; 7.5% AA plus Intermediate POST certificate plus 2 years, 12% for advanced POST plus 3 years, 15% B.A./B.S. Degree plus 3 years; 20% M.A. plus 4 years of law enforcement experience.

Up to 130 hours of combined shooting/illness compensatory time and overtime hours.

Other Benefits:
Voluntary participation in Credit Union, Deferred Compensation Programs, PERS Home Loan Program, Direct Payroll Deposit Program, Personal Computer Loan Program of up to $4,000 interest free. Mandatory Catastrophic Leave Program participation.

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