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Lateral Police Officer





Salary Range:
$5,150-$6,259 per month with an additional 9% P.E.R.S. contribution paid by the city. Initial placement within the salary range based upon years of previous law enforcement experience, training and/or education.

$3,000 Transfer Bonus:
$1,500 paid on appointment and $1,500 on completion of probationary period. Full reimbursement to the City required by lateral Police Officer hired under this program if separation occurs within 3 years of hire date.

Longevity Pay:
Longevity is based on total years of law enforcement experience:
5 yrs. of service, $778/mo.; 10 yrs. of service, $974/mo.; 15 yrs. of service, $1,135/mo., 20 yrs. of service, $1,353/mo.; 26 yrs. of service, $1,926/mo.

P.E.R.S. 3% at age 50 based on single highest year. Paid retiree medical insurance at same level of coverage at time of retirement.

P.E.R.S. Health Care Program ($1,000/mo) for employee & dependents medical insurance programs. Flexible Spending Plan allows
for payment of employee paid insurance, medical treatment and dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars. Paid retiree medical at same coverage level at the time of retirement.

Sick Leave:
At hire, up to 960 sick leave hours from previous employer may transfer with verifying documentation. Available after all accumulated sick leave subsequent to hire is used. Transferred hours not available for cash out at time of separation. Accrue 8 hours/mo and partial payment over 1,056 hours and percentage of unused leave paid upon service retirement or separation.

Based on total number of years of sworn law enforcement experience. Accrued during first year of employment, but not useable until successful completion of 12 month probationary period. 96 hours/year 1-5 years of service, 120 hours/year 6-10 years of service, 144 hours/11-15 years of service, 176 hours/year 16+ years of service, 17-25 years, plus 8 hours for each additional year through 25 years of service. Annual vacation accrual sell-back (up to 50%).

100% tuition/books
of U.C./C.S.U. costs with prior approval and grade "C" or better. 80% for course work taken outside of the U.C./C.S.U. systems. Graduate studies included.

Education Incentives:
A.A. and/or Intermediate POST certificate plus 2 years, $270-$467/mo.; Advanced POST certificate plus 3 years, $734-$770/mo.; B.A./B.S. plus 3 years, $917-$963/mo.; M.A. plus 4 years, $1,353/mo. (Years of service are total law enforcement years of service.) Bi-lingual pay for conversational fluency, $283/mo.

120 holiday hours paid annually. City pays employee share of P.E.R.S. on holiday pay.

Optical, Dental & Term Life Insurance:
Maximum of $135 per month for employee and eligible dependents toward optical and dental. City provides a $10,000 term life insurance policy. Employee may purchase additional life insurance coverage at group rates for spouse and dependents.

Special Assignment Pay Differentials:
$511/mo. for motor officer and $425/mo. for special assignments.

Uniform Allowance:
$715 maximum paid annually. Uniform, safety equipment and weapon provided by the City.

Accrued at time and one-half pay or time off.

Compensatory Time and Voluntary Physical Fitness Incentive Program: Up to 130 hours of compensatory time combined for quarterly physical fitness testing (voluntary) and overtime hours.

Other Benefits:
Voluntary participation in Credit Union, Deferred Compensation Programs, PERS Home Loan Program, Direct Payroll Deposit Program, Personal Computer Loan Program of up to $4,000 interest free. Mandatory Catastrophic Leave Program participation. Previous years of law enforcement experience count toward starting salary range and vacation.

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