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Crime Prevention


Are You Considering an Alarm System for Your Home or Business?

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Alarm System Information

Already have an alarm system? Make sure you let the El Segundo Police Department know by filling out the application below.

Alarm Permit Application

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9-1-1 Cell Phone Donation Program


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Prevent A Home Burglary By Landscaping


Prevent A Home Burglary By Landscaping
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Prevent A Home

Help Prevent A Home Burglary

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By Installing The Proper Security Devices


El Segundo Police Department Bike Safety Program

Receive $5 Off A Bike Lock

From Industrial Lock and Security

401 Main Street, El Segundo

(310) 322-3252

Neighborhood Watch On Your Block

While many residents believe “nothing ever happens in El Segundo,” it does. And with the economy struggling,some experts say crime is likely to increase. Since there can’t be a law enforcement officer on everycorner, citizen involvement is crucial to combat crime. You can help fight crime in our community in the mosteffective way - before it begins.
Neighborhood Watch groups look out for each other and their neighborhood, and they act as an extra set ofeyes and ears for the police department.

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Protect Your Catalytic Converter From Thieves

SUV and truck owners are prime targets of thieves for their vehicle’s catalytic converters.

The vehicles, specifically mid 90’s Toyota Trucks and SUV’s which have higher ground clearance, have been targeted and owners don’t know their converters have been stolen until they start their car and hear a loud noise. ESPD has helped vehicle owners combat this problem by engraving the vehicle license plate number on the catalytic converter as part of the “Etch ‘N Catch” program.Another way owners can deter theft is by installing a locking device.

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Misleading Mailers That Offer to Lower Property Taxes

The El Segundo Police Department is warning homeowners to be wary of solicitations from private companies offering to file property assessment reduction forms with the Los Angeles County Assessor's Office. These companies are sending out deceptive mailers that appear to be from a government agency and have misled property owners into thinking they must pay a fee to apply for a review of their assessed value.

Please note the Assessor's Office does not charge homeowners a fee to review the assessed value of your property.

Further information can be obtained at: www.knabe.com/press/releases/2008/012209.html

Is Your Home and Property Safe from "Lock Bumping"?
The El Segundo Police Department is advising the public about a technique thieves used to defeat locks that is known as “lock bumping” or “key bumping”. This technique is a way of opening many locks by using a specially filed key that is the same size and shape as the target lock. The technique is effective on most locks used to secure homes and and its use in burglaries has been increasing.
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Are You Doing All You Can To Protect Your Identity?
Identity theft has become one of the most common forms of fraud, and it is certainly one of the most devastating for victims of it. Identification cards, Social security numbers, and other vital pieces of confidential information are becoming easier to obtain which leaves everyone at risk of becoming a victim without knowing about it until it is too late. The El Segundo Police Department is committed to help members of the community avoid being victimized.

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Does your car look like this

to a thief ?

"Move It, or Lose It!" and Avoid Becoming the Next Victim
The El Segundo Police Department's “Move It or Lose It” theft prevention campaign is one way of educating citizens how the simple act of placing valuables
into the trunk of their car or out of sight before reaching your destination or the act of taking valuables with you from the car can significantly reduce the likelihood of being a victim of theft.
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A Watchful Neighborhood Is The Best Place To Live
While El Segundo enjoys a low crime rate, the only way to keep it that way is by combining the efforts of the residents and police to make the community even safer. The best way to start is by organizing a Neighborhood Watch on your block.

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ATM Skimming

Protect Your Bicycle

For More Information or a FREE Home Security Survey
Please Contact Crime Prevention Officer Laurie Risk

(310) 524-2274

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