To protect the health and safety of the public during the coronavirus pandemic, starting Monday, March 16, 2020, El Segundo City Hall and other non-public safety facilities will be temporarily closed to the general public until further notice.  However, City Hall, and other facilities, will be open for select services on an appointment basis. For a list of City Hall phone numbers, emails, appointment requests and other resources, please click here. Please refer to our coronavirus page for additional information or to sign up for the City's email notifications, please click here

Motion picture production is one of California’s most vital industries. El Segundo is a film-friendly environment offering diverse locations from small-town charm and sparkling beaches to industrial settings. Production companies enjoy rapid film permit issuance, flexible hours for filming activities and help with film regulations, insurance requirements, fees, personnel and logistical support.

Our goal is to assist you through the permitting process and what it entails to support a safe and successful project from start to finish with minimal impact on the community. Help us make your project a success by providing the following:

  • Film Permit Application – Complete and sign (Page 1 of Film Permit Application Packet); must include a non-refundable $1,225.00 application fee
  • Notification Letter draft for approval prior to distribution. (Page 3); Delivery deadlines are subject to the impact of the production. Contact the Film Permit Administrator for more information.
  • Notification Declaration once letter is distributed. Complete & Sign (Page 4)
  • Check Fees (Pages 13 and 14 for list of fees)
  • Parking and Plot Plan – Complete (Page 6)
  • Property Owner Consent – Complete and Sign (Page 5)
  • Generator Permit, Contact El Segundo Fire Department Contact information (Page 7)
  • Insurance: a) Certificate of Liability;  b) Endorsement;  c) Workers' Compensation Coverage; d) Waiver of Subrogation (Workers' Compensation) (Pages 10, 11, 12)
  • Applicant Signature on Draft Permit; Sent after completion of the above and City Department approvals.

Use of any public facility within the City may require a rental or use agreement.

Lead Time: Due to notification requirements, five business days minimum lead time is required. Exceptions may allow for shorter lead times.


Download a Complete Film Application Packet.

The Film Application Packet contains all the forms you need:

  • Filming Notification
  • Filming Notification Declaration
  • Permission to Use Property
  • Plot, Site or Parking Map
  • Generator Permit
  • Film Permit and City Location Fees
  • Instructions and Regulations Production Permit Contacts