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The Utility Users Tax is assessed on commercial properties only, and is key in the funding of essential services provided by the City of El Segundo - including telecommunications, electric and gas.

Utilities Subject to Tax

The following UUT categories are limited to commercial and industrial service users:

Telecommunications (see ordinance definitions) Includes wired and wireless telecommunications (prepaid and postpaid); intrastate, interstate and international services; ancillary services; conferencing services; VoIP; conferencing; and private communication services.

Prepaid wireless (per Rev & Tax Code 42100 et seq.) effective 1/1/2016


 Electricity  3%
 Gas  3%
 Water  3%
 Other  3%

How to File and Pay UUT

  1. Download and complete the Remittance Form.
  2. Make your check payable to Tax Trust Account.
  3. Mail your completed Remittance Form and check to:
    • City of El Segundo CA UUT
      c/o Avenue Insights U Analytics
      373 E. Shaw Ave., Box 367
      Fresno, CA 93710

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