Information Systems | City of El Segundo

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The El Segundo’s Information Systems Department (ISD) maintains the City’s technology information resources, provides innovative solutions and manages services that improve citywide operations.

ISD provides the resources and support to deliver fast, convenient, accurate information to people who live, work, visit or have interests in the community.

The City Manager and the Executive Technology Review Committee set the priorities for ISD, including:

  • Building a Smart Community - Utilizing technology and information systems to optimize efficiency of City operations and services designed to support an effective, efficient and progressive City.  
  • Bridging and Fostering Communications - Improving quality, frequency and engagement between City departments and the community while creating a two-way dialog with residents, businesses and community members through listening, educating and informing. 
  • Leveraging Technology for Good Governance - Supporting fiscal accountability, governmental transparency and civic structure through the use of information systems.
  • Utilizing Data Driven Decision-Making - Enabling greater effectiveness across all departments through the use of accurate and timely data and data analysis, leading to smarter and measurable decision making.
  • Modernizing the Technology Landscape - Modernizing and implementing new information systems, technology and structures that enable and support goals and strategies outlined by City leadership.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The Information Systems Department provides GIS computerized mapping services to the City of El Segundo. GIS enables precise geospatial data about the City in mapping and information formats. 

Los Angeles County provides a significant portion of the base information that is used in the form of both maps and parcel ownership information. The City purchases aerial photographs that L.A. County has geo-referenced so that the information can be directly overlaid. Additional data is gathered from old City drawings or linked to scanned images of older drawings.

GIS information is used in many ways to help municipalities solve problems and make informed decisions. Explore the El Segundo City Map Gallery to see how GIS is used to manage online City information.

Additional GIS Uses: 

  • Zoning maps
  • Infrastructure maps
  • Residential sound noise-level maps
  • Tree inventories
  • Public Safety tools