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City of El Segundo General Plan

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The General Plan:  

The General Plan serves as a blueprint for future growth and development, prescribing policy goals and objectives to shape and guide the development of the City. It serves as a comprehensive policy document that informs future land use decisions, establishes land use designations and policies that identify a range of zoning options that can be applied to property and assists decision makers as they review planning applications for new projects or consider proposals for ordinances or policies. 

The General Plan is made up of 10 elements:  Economic Development, Land Use, Circulation, Housing, Open Space and Recreation, Conservation, Air Quality, Noise, Safety, Hazardous Materials and Waste Management. These elements provide the City's foundation guide for planning and identify how land should be used and resources allocated. It is the vision for how the City will evolve and reflects the values and priorities of the community. 

The City of El Segundo General Plan