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      111 W. Mariposa Ave.
       El Segundo, CA 90245

        Mon.-Thurs. 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
        Fri. & Sat. 10:00 am - 5:00 pm 
      Sun. Closed
   Phone: (310) 524-2722


High School Library Branch:  Mon.-Fri. 7:15 am-4:00 pm

Middle School Library Branch:  Mon., Tues., Thurs. 8:00 am- 1:00 pm; Wed. & Fri. 10:00 am-3:00 pm

Richmond Street School Library Branch:  Mon.-Fri. 9:00 am-2:00 pm

Center Street School Library Branch: Mon. 8:00 am-12:00 pm; Tues.-Fri. 8:00 am-3:00 pm


Below are selected new titles at the library. Come in and check out these and other books recently added to the library collection.

The Good Detective, by John McMahon

Detective P.T. Marsh was a rising star on the police force of Mason Falls, Georgia--until his wife and young son died in an accident. Since that night, he's lost the ability to see the line between smart moves and disastrous decisions. Such as when he agrees to help out a woman by confronting her abusive boyfriend. When he gets called the next morning to the scene of his newest murder case, he is stunned to arrive at the house of the very man he beat up the night before. He could swear the guy was alive when he left, but can he be sure? What's certain is that his fingerprints are all over the crime scene. The trouble is only beginning. When the dead body of a black teenager is found in a burned-out field with a portion of blackened rope around his neck, P.T. realizes he might have killed the number-one suspect of this horrific crime. Amid rising racial tension and media scrutiny, P.T. uncovers something sinister at the heart of the boy's murder--a conspiracy leading all the way back to the time of the Civil War.--From the dust jacket.
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Waiting for Bojangles, by Olivier Bourdeaut

A young boy lives in awe of the great love his madcap parents share--and the wacky life they lead--with a crane named Mademoiselle Superfluous squawking and pooping all over the house, constant raucous parties, piles of unopened mail, and Nina Simone's "Mr. Bojangles" playing in the background, inspiring his parents to dance and dance. The boy's father, George, never calls his mother the same name twice, indulging his delightfully off-kilter wife. Though they live enjoyably and carefree, things aren't what they seem. The non-stop merrymaking comes to a screeching halt when the boy's unpredictable mother descends deeper into mental illness. Father and son take it upon themselves to keep her safe and, when that fails, happy. Fleeing Paris for a country home in Spain, they come to understand that some of the most radiant people carry the heaviest burdens.--From the dust jacket.
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Queenie, by Candice Carty-Williams

Meet Queenie Jenkins: Journalist. Catastrophist. Expressive. Aggressive. Dramatic. Loved. Lonely. Relatable. Her boyfriend has asked her to leave their apartment. Her boss doesn't seem to see her. Her Jamaican British family doesn't seem to hear her. Her best friends try to help her. The series of men she meets online treat her hideously...and yet, she doesn't stop seeing them. Queenie is in a spiral. But what makes this breathtaking debut novel so fresh is that this is a spiral mostly of Queenie's own making. The world isn't just happening to her, doing her wrong. Instead, as Queenie careens from one questionable decision to another, she finds herself wondering, as we all do these days, "What are you doing? Why are you doing it? Who do you want to be?"--From the dust jacket.
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Me for You, by Lolly Winston

The last thing Rudy expected was to wake up one morning as a widower at fifty-four years old. Now, a year after the death of his beloved wife, he's still not sure how to move on--but his new work crush is helping. Downsized from his cushy finance position Rudy turned to his first love: music. And while some people might be embarrassed to work as the piano player at Nordstrom, Rudy finds joy in bringing a little music to the world. It doesn't hurt that Sasha, the Hungarian men's watch clerk, finds time to join him at the bench on her breaks. But just when Rudy and Sasha's relationship begins to blossom, the police come knocking with an update about his wife's untimely death: a coworker has confessed to her murder, and Rudy is right back where he started, mourning his wife and wondering whether there was anything he could have done. With the reappearance of Sash's husband and Rudy's daughter confronting her own marital problems, life has suddenly become a lot more complicated than just falling in love.--From the dust jacket.
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Wed., April 24, 2019
12:00  PM  -  1:00  PM
  Meditation in Library Park
3:00  PM  -  4:00  PM
  Library Club: Flutterbye, Butterfly
6:30  PM  -  7:30  PM
  Evening Book Discussion: Finding Dorothy
Thu., April 25, 2019
6:00  PM  -  7:00  PM
  Family Storytime
Mon., April 29, 2019
11:00  AM  -  12:00  PM
  Genealogy Club
Thu., May 2, 2019
7:00  PM  -  8:00  PM
  El Segundo Historical Committee Meeting Postponed
Sat., May 4, 2019
8:30  AM  -  9:30  AM
  Yoga in Library Park
1:00  PM  -  3:00  PM
  Heritage Room Open to the Public
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